We have been carrying our healing journey from the past into the future


In 1912, we set off on a journey for a healthy future. With an endless passion to heal, we strive every day to offer millions of people better and healthier lives.

Our Mission

Unlock a healthier, more inhabitable and better future for the people whose lives we touch.

Our Vision

Take part in the solutions that respond to future-shaping trends, evolving lifestyle habits, domestic and global requirements and stakeholders’ expectations in the fight against climate change, all with a view to keeping up with the current rapid changes as well as better the lives we touch to create a sustainable impact.

Our Sustainability Policy

We consider sustainability to be a basic discipline that guarantee our work and life. Our approach towards the world we live in, the community we share, as well as all our business stakeholders is materialized with courage, passion, and a great sense of responsibility. And we identify this approach as one long journey that focuses on development and common good.

Our Sustainability Steps

Acting with a passion for healing and with a social awareness since the day it was established, Abdi İbrahim focuses on integrating sustainability to all the links of its value chain. All of our actions are shaped around the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) perspective. Thus, we get the chance to measure our corporate performance not only with positive financial outcomes, but by also taking into account the positive impacts we make on society and the environment.


Due to climate change, one of the greatest global risks of today, we face outcomes such as increased natural disasters, increase in the number and frequency of extreme climate phenomena, glacier melting, water shortage, damage of food resources and contagious diseases. That is why, the “green transformation” launched in the whole world is an important step for our future. As an institution that takes responsibility for the future of the world and of humanity, Abdi İbrahim pursues activities to partake in this transformation with its sustainability steps and other projects. We continue to make improvements in all of our business processes for a better future in the light of the European Green Deal, the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and numerous sustainability works we carry out such as prioritization analyses and Organizational Life Cycle Analysis (O-LCA).