We are committed to always leaving a “good” mark on the community and the world


"At Abdi İbrahim, we are moving toward sustainability, building upon the confidence of delivering many firsts in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry. We promise to work to heal the future in order to leave a more liveable and greener world for future generations. "


Chairman, Abdi İbrahim

Dear Stakeholders,

With its roots going back to a small pharmacy established by Pharmacist Abdi Nadir İbrahim Bey in the Küçükmustafapaşa district of Istanbul in 1912, Abdi İbrahim has been serving humanity with an unwavering dedication and an ever-present passion for healing. Our Company, which was built on our founders’ long-term vision and grew into the healing power of a changing world, now aims for sustainable success in its second century.

As an organization devoted to healing lives, we are aware of our responsibility to build a healthier society and a more liveable world; we are determined to contribute to our country through production, export, R&D and innovation and to maintain growth in international markets.

Driven by our role as a corporate citizen, industry-related missions, social priorities, universal principles and sensitivities, we navigate our economic, environmental and social activities by maintaining respect for people, nature and universal values. We see a symbiotic relationship between sustainability and our business strategy, complementing and further enhancing one another. Over the last few years, we have made strides in this long journey that is focused on development and common good.

I would like to note that, in line with our 2025 vision, we will further accelerate our sustainability efforts in the coming period. As we value contribution to public health and to a better world at Abdi İbrahim, we never lose our focus on environmental and social responsibility issues. We have an important goal of reaching 2030 as a “carbon neutral Abdi İbrahim”. In the meantime, we are putting extensive effort into other sustainability goals.

In order to increase the percentage of recycled paper in our medicine packaging and prospectuses, we develop new packaging materials less harmful to the environment, reduce our packaging waste and 3D print personalized medicines and vitamins and seek partnership opportunities at every level with the best companies, universities and start-ups of Turkey. Moreover, we have prioritized taking part in CDP’s A list companies, being the first Turkish pharmaceutical company that sets targets as part of the Science Based Targets Initiative and obtaining the ‘B Corp Certificate’ in the coming years.

We have never lost focus on our responsibility of contributing to our planet and future generations, and we will continue to do so. We will pursue the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and prioritize our activities towards in this respect.