We are moving towards a better and more sustainable future for all


We follow the guidance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a universal call by the United Nations to eliminate poverty, protect our planet and establish peace and prosperity for all people. We carry out projects and maintain efforts to achieve seven SDGs and subgoals that we set as primary focus areas. We are confident that we will make use of our skills, competencies and resources to contribute to these global goals and add permanent value in each step along the way.


We are responsible towards shareholders

At Abdi İbrahim, we strive for an effective, efficient and economical use of our resources; profitable growth; a well-balanced allocation of resources between the short and long term for the company to be able to implement long-term strategies; new investments, and ultimately aim to create sustainable value for our shareholders.

Stakeholder Relations

We are responsible towards the environment

At Abdi İbrahim, we strive to minimize our environmental impact and be a part of the solution for a better future by increasing our energy efficiency, reducing GHG emissions, safeguarding biodiversity, using more renewable power, minimizing water consumption in manufacturing, producing less wastewater and packaging waste, and employing more eco-friendly packaging materials.

Climate Change

Energy Management

Waste and Packaging Management

Water Management


We are responsible towards our business partners

At Abdi İbrahim, we strive to build and maintain stakeholder relations that are fair, and based on rule of law, protection of personal data, ethics and transparency principles, and mutual feedback in compliance with corporate management principles and any applicable legislation.

In keeping with our corporate sustainability strategies, we strive to choose our suppliers, key elements of our production processes, in a fair and transparent manner and after careful consideration of their compliance with the environmental, social and economic sustainability criteria.

Stakeholder Relations

Data Security and Privacy

Fight Against Corruption & Bribery

Business Ethics & Transparency

Intellectual Rights & Patent

We are responsible towards society

In a bid to create sustainable value for the stakeholders, we strive to meet the needs of society through social good projects, corporate volunteering activities and NGO partnerships, social innovations and donations.

Social Investment Programmes

Stakeholder Relations


We improve the lives of our patients

We add to our R&D, digitization, AI and innovation investments to achieve success, manufacture the products needed by the patients and deliver them via unparalleled channels, ensuring that they are affordable, sustainable and legally applicable by using possibilities of Industry 4.0. We are enhancing our portfolio with new products to drive future growth, have a significant impact on the healing journey of people and promote our mission of “healing life”, including top quality and reliable biosimilars. Looking to extend our streak of firsts from 1912 to date, we are endeavouring to become the first Turkish pharmaceutical company to buy shares of or acquire a pharma company in Europe or the US and to develop its own molecule.

R&D and Innovation

Biotechnological Products

Access to Medicines

Digitalization & Big Data


Stakeholder Relations


At Abdi İbrahim, we produce and deliver all the pharmaceuticals using the most sophisticated technology, and in compliance with the quality and safety requirements as stipulated by the regulations, particularly international standards and intellectual property rights.

Pharmacovigilance and Side Effects

Intellectual Rights & Patent

Access to Medicines


We are moving towards the future with passionate and competent employees

We are striving to create an organization where Abdi İbrahim employees can pursue their passion, have their ideas recognized in decision making processes, take upskill and reskill training sessions designed to improve their competencies so as to meet their and the company’s future needs, and ultimately become a part of an organization that adds value to themselves, their community, and our world.

Talent Management

Employee Satisfaction

At Abdi İbrahim, we offer a working environment that does not discriminate employees on the basis of religion, language, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation; champions equal pay for equal work; and embraces a culture of diversity.

Inclusion and Diversity

Gender Equality

Human Rights

Talent Management

We aspire to lead in occupational health and workplace safety

We strive to establish working conditions that comply with applicable local legislation and international standards on occupational health, workplace safety, preventive measures, and workplace hygiene; to empower our employees with trainings as well as corporate practices, volunteering and initiatives on the said subjects.

Employee Satisfaction

Human Rights

Occupational Health and Workplace



In 2020, we conducted a comprehensive prioritization analysis to identify, within the framework of our business strategy, the social, environmental, managerial and economic elements that would deliver the strongest impact and value to Abdi İbrahim and our stakeholders. For the analysis, we have collected views from a large sample of internal and external stakeholders, identified priority areas and crafted a matrix that we have integrated into our strategic processes.


  • Access to medicines
  • Pricing
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Gender equality
  • Human rights
  • Data security and privacy
  • Water management
  • Animal testing
  • Biodiversity

High priority

  • Pharmacovigilance and side effects
  • Intellectual rights & patent
  • Social investment programmes
  • Climate change and energy management
  • Waste management
  • Business ethics & transparency
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Access to medicines
  • Corruption and bribery

Very high priority

  • R&D and innovation
  • Biotechnological products
  • Talent management
  • Stakeholder relations