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At Abdi İbrahim, we make sure to prepare annual reports; which address our corporate citizenship, industry-related mission, social priorities, universal principles and sensitivities as well as our progress and outcomes in all endeavours and match the criteria of global initiatives; and to share it publicly with our stakeholders.


Guided by its role as a corporate citizen, industry mission, social priorities and universal principles and sensibilities, Abdi İbrahim attaches great importance to sharing with the public the progress and results of its operations every year through annual reports, which are prepared in accordance with the criteria set out by international initiatives. We are pleased and proud to present to our stakeholders the Fifth Sustainability Report of Abdi İbrahim, covering the period between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020.

During the Fifth Sustainability Reporting period, Abdi İbrahim continued various systematic and comprehensive projects in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders and in line with the materiality and stakeholder engagement principles of GRI, UNGC, WEPs and UNGC CEO Water Mandate reporting requirements. We are also committed to enhance the scope and depth of our sustainability reporting in the future.

This fifth iteration of Abdi İbrahim Sustainability Report is significant in terms of its improved content as well as enhanced visuals. For the report, we collaborated with collage artist Selman Hoşgör, whose design vision is showcased in the illustrations adorning the report’s cover and separator pages.

Hoşgör set out with the mission of designing peaceful, positive posters that reflect Abdi İbrahim’s spirit and healing energy and created illustrations around ten main themes, showcasing Abdi İbrahim’s “A Journey of Healing from the Past to the Future”.

These special designs bring to life “Abdi İbrahim’s passion for healing the future with the strength it draws from its past, efforts towards discovering new molecules, initiatives in biotechnology, attention to innovation and the environment, goal of becoming a strong international brand, female executives who have played a key role in enabling Abdi İbrahim becoming the successful company it is today, and its appreciation of art.”

These illustrations are also animated to add a touch of creative dynamism to the sustainability section of the web page.

From Selman Hoşgör’s Perspective…

I found the collaboration with Abdi İbrahim quite satisfactory on multiple aspects. First of all, we are all more sensitive about the importance and meaning of the healing power of science, given the current situation. For me, it is very meaningful to see Abdi İbrahim, one of the leading companies in the industry, to focus on this goal and turn it into a sustainable goal under various concepts. Another important motivation was how deep-rooted the company is. I call it deep-rooted rather than old for a reason. That is because failing to connect traditional values with today’s needs makes a company old. What I saw instead was a deep-rooted company focused on innovation; a company that is endeavoring to adapt its values to its way of doing business. Finally, I was impressed by this desire towards innovation in an industry which is not conventionally associated with art, which was very valuable for me. I would like to express my gratitude for this collaboration opportunity.

About Selman Hoşgör

A multidisciplinary visual artist who is currently creating his art in London, Selman Hoşgör received his bachelor’s degree in graphical design from Istanbul Kadir Has University followed by an education on illustration and typography from Central Saint Martins.

Hoşgör’s collages combine photographs, typography and vibrant colors, and so far, his works have been commissioned by brands like Apple, Microsoft, Pirelli, Bulgari, Longines Masters, The Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair, Vogue Turkey, The Guardian, The Economist and Elle USA.

Hoşgör claims that collages are the best way for him to express his personality. He prefers to draw from his imagination, and comes up with the vibrant colors he uses in his work as “on the spot” moments of inspiration during his creative process.

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