We prioritize contributing to social good


We are looking through a shared lens to the people we work with, business goals, the world and the community we live in. Ensuring a healthy and clean environment for the next generations is of paramount importance, and we take firm social steps with this vision in mind.

1,6 million

1.6 million tablets donated
for the fight against COVID-19.

The Rational Use of Medicine Campaign
has been running since 2012.


Abdi İbrahim employees came first at the 41st Istanbul Marathon with the most corporate team runners that started a campaign. Abdi İbrahim’s corporate running team have collected TL 154,000 since 2016.

The 500-year-old Sultan Bayezid II Edirne Hospital has been renovated in to a modern museum.

First of its kind in Turkey, “A Study on Perception and Knowledge about Schizophrenia, and Schizophrenia-related Labelling and Discrimination in Turkey” has been conducted.

Since 2015, the “Schizophrenia from Prehistory to Today - Don’t Look the Other Way” Exhibition has been organized to raise awareness on schizophrenia.

4.452 employees

Human Resources


Internal promotion rate among managing and higher roles


Job rotation rate (regarded as a major activity of improvement)


Female employment rate in the Leadership Team


Female employment rate:
Abdi İbrahim HQ


Female employment rate
R&D Centre

“Most Trusted Pharmaceutical Company”
“Most Women-Friendly Pharmaceutical Company”
“Female Executive Employment”

Data from 2020.
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Since day one, we have been complying with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, guiding our activities with a full commitment to ethics. Our people processes do not discriminate on the basis of race, language, religion, age, sex, and we are committed to providing an impartial, equitable working environment where human rights are respected.


With a management policy that puts “human first”, we highly value our colleagues’ wellbeing, health and safety and believe that humane working and living conditions are what guarantee the future of our company.

We have a transparent culture that upholds engagement, sharing, ethics, individual leadership, self-responsibility, and teamwork. This mindset, combined with our solid corporate structure, make us one of the most sought-after companies in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry. We enjoy a high employee loyalty rate and we know that employee commitment and motivation are the keys to a good performance.

We provide our associates with a world-class working environment as well as a wealth of social benefits. We adopt and implement OHS regulations, standards and modern management systems, and keep abreast of technological developments and novelties.

Abdi İbrahim’s experience over more than a century has always seen women labour as a pivotal point. We can proudly say that our women labour force played critical roles in each leap forward for Abdi İbrahim, since the founders’ time and throughout the company’s history. Our company has become a pioneer in promoting gender equality in the business world. Abdi İbrahim’s female employment rate is 30 percent, female executive rate 37 percent, and female employment rate in the headquarters 55 percent. We are determined to further increase these figures.

Anyone and everyone who joins the Abdi İbrahim family is a talent to us. Therefore, we attach great importance to talent management to create an environment and atmosphere in which people work with passion. We encourage our colleagues to advance their career and pursue their passion. At Abdi İbrahim, we aspire to help build a mentally and physically strong society and labour force although; we are aware that long-term visions and goals can only be achieved by a happy and ambitious team that is able to manage talent.

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We focus on continuous healing in all our activities and consider our long-term, result-oriented social benefit work to be an integral part of our mission.


As Abdi İbrahim, we focus on shaping the future with the strength created by our long-established and innovative structure. Together with our employees, we undertake projects that are in line with our goal of healing the future, that make an impact on all strata of society and that create social benefit. We pay special attention to ensuring that every step we take towards creating social benefit is sustainable, measurable, transparent, accountable, and applicable on a global scale.

As a company that cares for individuals’ right to health, education, equal access to opportunity and a healthy environment, we collaborate with private and civil society institutions in Turkey and in all the regions we operate in, focusing not only on the economic impact of our activities but also on their societal and environmental impact.

Based on our corporate reputation & perception research and social benefit analyses, we launched a new social investment program in 2021. This long-term program, which is one of the key elements of our sustainability strategy, focus on four main areas: “Health & Sports”, “Social Innovation”, “Raising Scientific Awareness in Youth”, and “Volunteering Projects for Social Needs”.

Our social investment program’s areas of focus

Raising awareness, promoting health literacy, and providing health services and medicine for groups in need

Encouraging scientific pursuits for children, youth and women, contributing to educating future scientists and supporting distinctive scientists

Contributing to the health industry by supporting social innovation in medicine

Creating a system for volunteer work and thereby increasing organizational sense of belonging and social benefit

Abdi İbrahim Foundation

We are thrilled to be establishing the Abdi İbrahim Foundation in 2021 for the purpose of increasing youth’s interest in science, sports and education and of supporting them in becoming well-equipped and qualified individuals who embody contemporary and universal values and the Republic’s main principles. For detailed information on our Foundation, please refer here.


Create social good via healthcare, science, innovation and environment projects



Ensuring that everyone has accurate information on pharmaceuticals and health

Increasing scientific awareness in Turkey

Leading the change in the health industry

Becoming one of the leaders of environmental sustainability

Making sure that disadvantaged populations have access to pharmaceuticals and health services

Supporting social innovation in health


Encourage gender equality, female employment and equal opportunity

Build the systems and sustainable processes required by the HR infrastructure

Create an environment and atmosphere that fosters a passion for work

Excel at talent acquisition and management

Providing trainings for the employees, suppliers and subcontractors for an effective OHS practice

Build and maintain a performance and corporate culture linked to strategic priorities

Develop the competencies and skills laid out in the strategy

Identify and implement preventive parameters of the health and safety risks that may arise from the activities performed while providing a safe working environment

Sosyal adımlarımızla destek olduğumuz Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Amaçları


Social Innovation in Health & Life Sciences: We Heal the Future

As Abdi İbrahim, we collaborated with Ashoka Turkey and Impact Hub, organizations that focus on promoting social entrepreneurship in Turkey and globally and launched the Social Innovation in Health & Life Sciences: We Heal the Future program, which involves numerous entrepreneurs, ecosystem partners and followers. The program, launched on April 28 Social Entrepreneurship Day through a major event, prioritizes four areas: community health & awareness, R&D in health and pharmaceuticals, inclusion of disadvantaged groups and regions, and innovation. For entrepreneurs who have already passed the initial screening, the next phases will involve training, presentations, jury evaluations and incubator support. To learn more about this program, which also includes mentorship support, and to apply, click here. 

Why social innovation in health?

As the leading company in the Turkish pharma industry, we at Abdi İbrahim make a difference with our R&D centre, technology and production facilities, and inspire the pharma industry in technology and innovation. As a company that strives to create social benefit and novel outcomes, we are now combining health and innovation. The 'We Health the Future' program is a result of our efforts to incorporate innovation and entrepreneurship, which have become integral parts of our life, into our work and take it to the next level. With this program, announced to a broad audience, we hope to contribute to the development of many ideas and social entrepreneurship as a whole, and thereby improve our own work, expand our impact area, and help bring new solutions to our industry.

Olympic support to national swimmer Emre Sakcı

As part of our social investment program, which is a key element of our sustainability strategy at Abdi İbrahim, we have undertaken an important support project by becoming the main sponsor of our record-breaking national swimmer, Emre Sakcı, who will be representing Turkey in the Tokyo Olympics.

Having signed a 4-year sponsorship agreement with H. Emre Sakcı, our record-holding athlete in national and international breaststroke, Abdi İbrahim Chairman Nezih Barut said "As Turkey's national and leading pharmaceutical company, we have decided to support athletes who have the potential to earn medals for our country by competing in swimming, especially the Olympics. We have signed a long-term sponsorship agreement with Emre who has stood out with his steady success in swimming and we will be his main sponsor for 4 years, including the Paris 2024 Olympics. We will continue our support to ensure that more Turkish athletes participate in the Olympics and thus achieve more victories for our country in the area of sports."

“The incredible alignment between my personal sportive targets and those of Abdi İbrahim excites me.”

Expressing his contentment about receiving sponsorship from Abdi İbrahim, Turkey’s leading pharmaceutical company, Sakcı stated: "Abdi İbrahim's sponsorship support is an important source of motivation for young athletes like me. I had the opportunity to get more acquainted with the company's vision since the managers of Abdi İbrahim contacted me. I noticed an incredible alignment between my personal sportive targets and those of Abdi İbrahim. I would like to thank them for instilling in me many significant values that are a part of the Olympics spirit and especially for supporting an athlete who has set himself goals in the international arena. The fact that their support extends to four years is an incredible source of confidence and motivation, and it also brought with it a sense of responsibility. Now, with the support and opportunities that my main sponsor Abdi İbrahim will be giving me, my main goal is to give my best for my country in all competitions I will be participating in this year, particularly the Tokyo Olympics. I would like to extend my gratitude to first and foremost Nezih Barut and to all the Abdi İbrahim family, who have been breaking new ground for the last 109 years for believing in me and for sharing my path to success and my enthusiasm for achievement."

Impressive contribution by Abdi İbrahim in the fight against COVID-19!

At Abdi İbrahim, the “healing power” of Turkey, we have made an impressive contribution in the fight against COVID-19, the disease that is threatening the whole world. We manufactured and donated to the Turkish Ministry of Health, Kazakhstan and Algeria an existing product from our range and has been observed, in several studies, to be helpful in tackling COVID-19.

In the early days of the outbreak, we procured the raw materials from China and India, produced 1.6 million medicines in Turkey in record time and donated them to the Ministry of Health. And we have promised them to produce and donate the required quantity by the end of the year. We also made sure that Kazakhstan and Algeria, two countries in which we have manufacturing facilities, received over 250,000 tablets in donation.

“We have spared no effort in the current times”

Hoping to create value for patients and healthcare personnel through the fight against the pandemic, Abdi İbrahim Chairman Nezih Barut elaborates: “Our government and Ministry of Health are putting up a critical fight against COVID-19. And we, at Abdi İbrahim, are aware of our responsibilities and our mission to heal, and we act accordingly. Since the start of our company, we have exerted ourselves in the country-level and worldwide battles against outbreaks and pandemics. For 109 years now, we have been working with passion and effectively, to serve our industry, our country and ultimately humanity. Our physicians, pharmacists, nurses and all the healthcare personnel are mobilized in this fight against the pandemic, with an extraordinary exertion, an unforgettable devotion and unwavering determination. We join them in this fight by continuing the production and uninterrupted delivery of the medicines to the patients in need. We have spared no effort to eliminate this virus that is threatening our country. As a company that measures self-value according to its contribution to the country and its people, we hope that the world and our country leave behind these trying times as soon as possible and with minimum damage”.

Rational Use of Medicine Campaign

We launched the Rational Use of Medicine Campaign in 2012, as one of Abdi İbrahim’s 100th anniversary projects, and since then, we have been raising public awareness in the irrational use of medications, a critical issue in public health and the national economy.
The Rational Use of Medicine Project warns that “medications should be used at the right doses and time intervals as prescribed by the doctor and as suggested by the pharmacist”. To measure the resulting change in awareness, we ran a survey on the rational use of medicine in 2013 and 2017, with 8,000 samples and the same methodology across Turkey, and we publicly announced the results.

Sultan Bayezid II Edirne Dârüşşifası (Hospital) Renovation Project

At the end of a long scientific preparation period as part of renovation, we gave a modern look to the Sultan Bayezid II Edirne Hospital, which welcomed patients from 1488 to 1915.
This renovation project on the Edirne Hospital, one of the landmarks in the history of medicine, has respected the original historical and architectural character and unearthed new information about the Ottoman medicine.

“Schizophrenia from Prehistory to Today - Don’t Look the Other Way” Exhibition

At the “Schizophrenia from Prehistory to Today - Don’t Look the Other Way” Exhibition, opened in 2015 by Abdi İbrahim Otsuka (AİO), we unveiled the 6,000 years of schizophrenia and mental illnesses. This event was a first of its kind both in Turkey and globally.
In 2014, on World Mental Health Day, we welcomed to Turkey the body painting artist Trina Merry on the occasion of the “Living with Schizophrenia” theme. Trina Merry painted bodies of volunteer models and hid them in a scene from Istanbul to point out the ignored facts. As part of the campaign, we launched in 2015 the “Schizophrenia from Prehistory to Today - Don’t Look the Other Way Exhibition”. Having hosted 2 million visitors so far, we will reach out to more people and keep raising awareness on schizophrenia at our exhibition.

HBVizyon Project

The purpose of the HBVizyon Project is to raise awareness on the reactivation risk management vis-a-vis Hepatitis B, contracted by approximately 3.5 million people, to increase the number of HBV screenings among immunosuppressive patients, and to ensure timely administration of prophylaxis.
The culmination of Abdi İbrahim’s unconditional support, HBVizyon examines the patients, who are on immunosuppressive medicines for other reasons, before the treatment in order to assess the HBV risk and prevent possible HBV reactivations. Launched with a press conference on World Hepatitis Day, July 28th, 2018, the “HBVizyon Warning System” stood out as an exemplary project from Turkey.

Van Gogh Alive Digital Art Exhibition

A 100th anniversary project by Abdi İbrahim, Van Gogh Alive Digital Art Exhibition, has entertained visitors with a never-seen-before, brand new presentation of the most well-known works of the great artist Van Gogh.
The exhibition conveyed Abdi İbrahim’s mindset over its 100 years via an innovative blend of art, science and technology at its world premiere, followed by its presentation in Turkey for 215,000 art enthusiasts.

Abdi İbrahim Primary School

Knowing that the right to education and equal opportunity in education, both basic human rights, are some of the domains in Turkey which call for the private sector’s support, we constructed and opened to service in 2007 in Bahçeşehir the biggest school funded and donated by a private entity in Turkey. Boasting modern facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology, Abdi İbrahim Primary School is designed to prepare students for life from an all-embracing perspective.

Belma Barut Primary School

As part of our seamless support for education, we brought to life the Belma Barut Primary School on our 100th anniversary. Named after the mother of Abdi İbrahim Chairman Nezih Barut, an education volunteer who had a huge role in Abdi İbrahim’s corporate development, the school was built in 2013 in Esenyurt, Istanbul and then donated to the Turkish Ministry of National Education.


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